In-Home Yoga Instructors


Ananda Movement is a community of Yoga instructors. Clients receive instruction in their home or on-site. Private in-home Yoga sessions are tailored to specific client needs and are very personable.
Private in-home Yoga has many benefits.

Moreover, since instructors are visiting your home or on-site you’re in control and able to take back some of your time spent commuting to studios or gyms. Since the schedule is set by the client there’s no schedule limitation. Studio and gym schedules can be very difficult to try and fit into our busy lives.

Ananda Movement instructors offer true private Yoga. Private Yoga is one-on-one. Sharing is not private. When you receive Yoga instruction one-on-one you receive a great experience. Instructors are able to focus on you and you alone. If new too Yoga or have physical limitations this can be very important and helpful level of attention. Ensuring you are following instructions and performing movements safely.

Lastly, scheduling recurring visits with an instructor allow for consistency. You may schedule time with the same instructor as often as desired. Allowing you to maintain a professional relationship with an instructor. This relationship consist of your personal preferences, limitations, and progress.

Instructors are independent business owners with certifications.

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Yoga Talent

Do you have yoga talent,  a passion for instructing yoga? Join the Ananda Movement community today and start scheduling your private yoga sessions.

Our members are professional yoga instructors working in their communities to inspire healthy lifestyles with in-home yoga instruction.

Balance Yoga

Yoga Post

Another wonderful day. Everyday is a gift and it’s best to enjoy it. Living long and healthy is the goal. Practicing yoga regularly helps with both. Helps with feeling good today.

Performing Yoga Regularly

There’re many things people can do to improve health. Performing Yoga on a regular basis is definitely one of them. Providing health in mind and body. Yoga is a great source for a balanced activity that can be performed by anyone.

Yoga is for everyone!