Rekah Kagawan

Rekah Kagawan

Tacoma Washington

Hey there, I’m Rekah Kagawan! I grew up in the bustling Bay Area playing competitive soccer and always dancing!

First introduced into Yoga for health benefits. Issues with my back left me in severe pain after most activities. With firm belief that the body is best aided by natural remedies. I turned to Yoga to see if it would bring any relief. After a couple Yoga tutorials I was hooked. Not only did my pain subside but I felt my whole body get stronger and healthier.

Yoga has brought me healing both physically and mentally. It’s my JOY to share the gift of Yoga with my community. When I’m not practicing Yoga you can find me socializing at my neighborhood grocery store, relaxing with The Office or Jeopardy, or hunting for the best scoop of Salted Caramel ice’s all about balance, right?!


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